Crack Sealing


Don't Allow Small, Unsightly Cracks to Become Big Pothole Problems!

Trust D & D to be Your Asphalt Repair Service: Cracks in asphalt pavements allow water penetration from rain and snow into the sub-base of the pavement.  Failure to seal cracks results in more cracks, potholes and eventually a major pavement breakdown, causing expensive asphalt repairs and overlays.


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Crack Sealing Should Always Precede Sealcoating: D & D Asphalt Specialists uses exclusively an emulsified hot rubber, non-tracking crack sealant (Fed for 1/4" to 1" cracks.  Cracks larger than 1" to 2" require a special cold bituminous crack filler.


Preparation is Key

Before doing any asphalt crack sealing, it is extremely important to follow the proper steps to prepare the area:

  1. Spray the weeds five days prior to filling
  2. Remove the weeds
  3. Cracks to be cleaned out with 100-psi air pressure
  4. Finish by applying sealant in cracks to create a watertight seal


Here's How We Do It!


Roadpatcher Machine: Repairs deteriorated pavement.  Fast and efficient - Low carbon emissions - NO excavation required - No waste material - No damage to surrounding pavement surface - Drive on immediately.


Cut and Patch Repairs: We cut out beyond the damaged area, remove the deteriorated pavement, sub-base is fine graded and repaved with a hot bituminous paving material matching the depth of the existing pavement.


Infrared Asphalt Heating Repairs: Since 1995, we have been using our new state-of-the-art infrared unit; it creates One and Half Million BTU's of heat.  Heating up the existing pavement 2-3 inches deep allows for the removal of pavement so new bituminous paving material can be installed.  There is no saw cut joints for water penetration.  It is also used for repairing small water-ponding areas.  It is faster, cleaner and less expensive than the cut and patch method.


Other Pavement Maintenance Services:

  • Storm Drain Rebuilding
  • Storm Drain Repairing and Cleaning
  • Water Control
  • Concrete Grinding



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