"People Buy with Their Eyes"

Your first impression makes a difference!  A safe and attractive parking lot goes a long way in welcoming your client, and showing them that you care about the details.


Protect Your Investment

An attractive parking lot is not the only reason to sealcoat…Asphalt Sealcoating helps to preserve your investment.  It is the first, most important step to extending the longevity of your pavement.

Sealcoating improves curb appeal to your potential buyer, tenant, or customer.  Make the first impression - the right impression.

What Does Sealcoating Do?

  • Seals hairline cracks
  • Resists oxidation: acts as a sun screen against UV rays
  • Protects against oil and gas leaks
  • Helps retain flexibility
  • Replaces eroded surfaces
  • Eases pavement cleaning
  • Extends pavement life


Routine Maintenance Saves Money


Sealing your parking lot or driveway every 3-5 years on a routine basis will greatly increase the life of your pavement.


Very High Standards


Since 1985, D & D Asphalt Specialists has established a very high standard for workmanship and professional service.


Custom Sealer Mixes


Regular sealer does not always meet the needs of our clients, therefore, we formulate special sealer mixes for special applications. We will make a formula to meet your needs.


D & D Asphalt is a full service facility maintenance company that also provides:

  • sweeping
  • asphalt crack repair
  • asphalt paving
  • parking lot striping

    … and additional services to keep your property safe and attractive

“The Leading Sealcoating Company in Mid-Michigan”

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